about us

Food Gallery Catering is a local, woman owned, boutique catering company based in Minneapolis, MN. Our principles have a combined 70+ years in restaurant and catering industry experience and we bring our knowledge, passion, skill, and creativity to every event that we have the honor and opportunity to be a part of.

When you choose Food Gallery Catering, here’s what you can expect:

Customized menus

we believe that your event should be as unique as you are. To that end, we create custom menus for each event, focusing on your theme, inspirations, and aesthetic, so that the food enhances these elements and feels like a cohesive part of your bigger vision.

Customized menus also works to your benefit if you are someone who entertains often - with us, you don’t have to worry about our menus becoming stale and boring, because each time we see you we’ll bring interesting, unique, and new ideas for food that will wow your guests and leave you looking like an event planning super star.


The best tasting foods vary from season to season, year to year, and from location to location. While we do always offer a variety of classic dishes, we also bring new food ideas to our menus each season which are a unique reflection of time and place. To ensure that you are getting the best tasting foods possible, we work with a number of farmers and local food purveyors, and allow our chefs the freedom and creativity to add and subtract ingredients from our menus depending on what tasty treats they can get their hands on.

Forward Thinking, on Trend Menus

Trends in food change rapidly, palates evolve, and your guests’ preferences shift over time. We work to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s hot now, what’s coming, and what’s so last season. Our chefs skillfully incorporate food trends into our menus so that nothing feels gimmicky, but rather so that all of our food is fresh, inspired, and interesting while still honest, approachable, and on some level, familiar. We can deliver menus ranging from classic and timeless, to totally trendy and everything in between.

A Focus on Honest, Artful Food

Food needs to taste great, period. And, in order for our team to make great tasting, honest food we strive to be sincere, attentive, thoughtful, respectful of ingredients, and straightforward in our cooking style. We believe this care and passion is reflected in the food that we serve at every event.

Above and beyond the taste of our food, we believe that food should look beautiful too. We all know that we eat with our eyes first so when creating menus, our staff focus on the visual impact of the food as much as making sure that every bite tastes fantastic. We take great care in choosing the plates, platters, and buffet decor that you’ll see at your event. And, after making great tasting food, our chefs turn their focus to making your plate or your platter look like a work of art.

Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Packaging and Disposables

At Food Gallery Catering, we take pride in using high quality, beautiful, and environmentally friendly packaging for all of our to-go food offerings. Whether you’re ordering boxed lunches for your corporate meeting, want a rustic feel at your outdoor wedding, or need easy quick cleanup at your in home event, we use fully compostable, all natural Leafware TM fallen leaf products that are not only incredibly low impact on the environment, but also elegant and stylish. You can check out our disposables and read more by visiting www.leafware.com

Thoughtful, Professional, and Attentive Service

Where the food is the star of a show, the service is that supporting actor whose actions have the power to elevate, brighten, enhance, and make memorable. Our servers have years of experience in some of the Twin Cities leading restaurants and catering companies and they bring their skills and desire to wow guest to every event we do. Our servers are friendly, professional, engaging, knowledgeable, and attentive and their top priority is to execute your event beautifully and seamlessly from start to finish.

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